Secondary Light 
Painting installation in G/host an exhibition within the exhibition Sick Fireflies and Lightnings in Jars  | Curator: Noam Segal | Advisors: Nirith Nelson & Ilanit Konopny  | Petach Tikva Museum
Drywall, oil on canvas, gypsum bandages, clasimo, and acrylic

photo: Lior Tamim

"G/host" presents ghosts of Israeli artworks from the 1970s. MFA & MA students at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design 
 created tributary works inspired by works from the Levin Collection of Israeli Art, and various writers responded to these pieces with accompanying texts. The result is a presentation of a collection of Israeli art through its non-presentation. Advisors: Nirith Nelson & Ilanit Konopny.