Bar Dvir‭ | ‬1987‭ ‬Born‭, ‬Israel‭ | ‬Currently lives and works in Tel Aviv-Jaffa‭, ‬Israel

2019‬       M.F.A, ‬Bezalel Academy of Arts, Jerusalem
2016‬       Studies toward M.A in Art Therapy‭, ‬Haifa University‭, ‬Israel
2012‬       B.F.A‭, ‬Bezalel Academy of Arts‭, ‬Jerusalem
2010‭‬       Student Exchange Program‭, ‬Brighton University‭, ‬U.K‭.‬

Solo and Duo Exhibitions
2020‬       Scarlet yarn and hyssop, Hansen House, Jerusalem. Curated by Moran Solomarsky Noam
2019‬       Dry Paint, Aviv Tel, 60 Street Salame, disply window MFA the Hazit
2016‭‭‬       On the Edge of the Nigredo, ‬Mazeh 9‭ ‬Gallery‭, ‬Tel Aviv-Jaffa‭. ‬Curator‭ by ‬Hila Goren.
2013‭‬       Excorcism‭, ‬Bezalel 7‭ ‬Gallery‭, ‬Jerusalem‭. ‬With the Artist Tal Bear.
Group Exhibitions‭ ‬
2019     G/host, ‬Petach Tikva Museum, curators: Natalie Cohen, Shulamit Ohana, Dveer Shaked, Moran Sulmirski-Noam, Danielle Ventura, Adi Yaniv guided by Nirith Nelson and Ilanit Konopny  an exhibition within the exhibition Sick Fireflies and Lightnings in Jars  | Curator: Noam Segal,
2019‬       M.F.A finale show, ‬Bezalel Academy of Arts, Jerusalem
2018‬       Excessive Use, ‬MFA Gallery of Bezalel Academy‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭.
2017‬       Salon Hacubia, ‬Hacubia Gallery‭, ‬Jerusalem‭. ‬Curated by Ella Cohen Vansover‭, ‬Dan Orimian‭.‬
2017‬       Sing While You're Burning‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬Restless Painting from Israel‭, ‬circle1‭, ‬Berlin‭. ‬Curated by Ofir Dor‭.‬
2017‬       Surprise Party‭, ‬Beit Alliance‭, ‬Jerusalem‭. ‬Curated by Etsion Mizrahi‭.‬
2017‬       Abject Art, ‬Central Gallery‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭. ‬Curated by Doron Furman‭.‬
2016‭‬       Cotton Candy pop-up Art Show‭, ‬Abraham Hostel‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭. ‬Curated by‭ "‬The Board‭".‬
2016‬‬       Whatever's in your Hands, ‬Beit Alliance‭, ‬Jerusalem‭. ‬Curated by Noga Farchy and Yasmin Caspin‭.‬
2016‬       Sanctification of the Body‭, ‬Meshuna Gallery‭, ‬Tel Aviv-Jaffa‭. ‬Curated‭ by ‬Yael Fibak Ilan.
2015‬       Salon Hacubia”‭, ‬Hacubia Gallery‭, ‬Jerusalem‭. ‬Curated by ‬Ella Cohen Vansover and Dan Orimian.
2015‬       Facade‭, ‬Central Gallery‭, ‬Tel Aviv-Jaffa‭. ‬Curated by‭ ‬Doron Furman.
2015‬       Topsy Turvy‭, ‬Central Gallery‭, ‬Tel Aviv-Jaffa‭. ‬Curated by‭ ‬Doron Furman.
2014‬       Night-Time Library‭, ‬Beit Ha’Am Library‭, ‬Jerusalem‭. ‬Curated by ‬Moran Aviv.
2013‬       Nachlaot Ahim‭, "Empty House”‭ ‬Project‭, ‬Jerusalem.
2013‬       Studio Inauguration‭, ‬Svhil Ha’Miphal‭, ‬Tel Aviv-Jaffa‭. ‬With the artists Tal Gilboa and Guy Greenberg.
2013‬       From Tehran to Tel Aviv‭: ‬Fragmented Reflections‭, ‬Caprice Gallery‭, ‬Tel Aviv-Jaffa‭. ‬Curated‭ by ‬Alexandra Levin.

Art Sale Exhibitions
2017‬       Open Face, ‬The Triangle Art Gallery‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭. ‬Curated by Sari Golan‭.‬
2016‭ ‬    City of Refuge, ‬The Lobby‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬Art space‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭.‬
2016‬       Exclamation Marks‭, ‬Meshuna Gallery‭, ‬Tel Aviv-Jaffa‭. ‬Curated by ‬Yael Fibak Ilan.
2016‬       Next Door, ‬Tel Aviv-Jaffa‭. ‬Curated by ‬Liat Danieli and Chen Balali.
2015‭‬       Bread and Roses 10‭: ‬Art sale for the benefit of the Women and Work project‭, ‬Shanker College‭, ‬Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

2013‭ ‬     Pride‭, ‬Af Knows Magazine