Common Fate, Mixed Media on Canvas, 150x180 cm, 2016


Come to me My Baubo, Oil on Canvas, 120x100 cm, 2015


Materialized, Oil on Paper, 14.8x21 cm, 2015


My Monster for now, Mixed Media on Canvas, 110x70 cm, 2015


Loba, Oil on paper, 14.8x21 cm, 2015


Nigredo, Oil on Canvas, 200x100 cm, 2015




Hand Shadows, Oil on Canvas, 100x150 cm, 2015




Golden Mask, Mixed Media, 90x80 cm, 2015


Canis Lupus, Oil on Canvas, 200x100 cm, 2015




Bath, Mixed Media, 140x200 cm, 2015




The Guardians, Mixed media, 15x20x10 cm, 2015


Duel, Oil on Canvas, 200x210 cm, 2013




Sunny Day, Oil on Canvas, 200x180 cm, 2013




Wolves, classic animated movies, 0.20 sec on Loop, 2012


Underworld Operator, Oil on Canvas, 310x200 cm, 2012




In The Cave, Oil on Canvas, 200x150 cm, 2012